At-Sea Seafood Processing Vessel

PPLP owns and operates the M/V Excellence as a mothership processor in the Alaska Pollock fishery in the Bering Sea and the Pacific Whiting fishery off the West Coast. PPLP and its experienced shipboard teams dedicate themselves to producing high-quality seafood products for markets around the world.

As a seafood processor, we work hard to provide high-quality products for our consumers. To do this, we must use the best technology and processes that modern fisheries science provides us with. The team at PPLP has extensive knowledge in handling fish from the net through to the end product. Our skilled and well-trained staff utilize the latest technology available ensuring we can deliver a high-quality products. The environment is important, which is why we design our facilities and processes as safe, efficient, and sustainable as possible. We process our products with great care under strictly controlled conditions that meet or exceed all regulatory requirements for safety and quality.

We hope that you like PPLP’s seafood products as much as we liked producing them!

M/V Excellence Processing Vessel

The M/V Excellence is a 367-foot mothership vessel, which processes fish at sea. Our target species are Alaska Pollock and Pacific Whiting (hake), which the ~159 crew members produce high-quality surimi, fillet, mince block, fish meal, fish oil, and roe from the each season’s fresh catch.